Blue Datto

WestConnex has partnered with the Blue Datto Foundation to expand its ‘Keeping Safe’ road safety program, giving high school students from schools across western Sydney access to the award-winning program. 

Blue Datto was established following the death of 17-year-old Philip Vassallo in a crash in which both drivers were red ‘P’ platers in Penrith. Phil owned and drove a much-loved Blue Datto.

Blue Datto’s mission is to change the culture of young drivers by altering attitudes and behaviours. The Keeping Safe program is an industry-leading education program aimed at 15-17year old students. It encourages the beginning of road safety conversations with their families and peers at home, school, in their community and across social media.

Utilising data from the NSW Centre for Road Safety, the Blue Datto Foundation has identified that people from specific communities around the WestConnex corridor and Western Sydney have a higher than average risk of being involved with a Major or Serious Injury or Fatality on NSW Roads, just because of the location in which they live.

The Keeping Safe program specifically targets the ‘pre-driver’ demographic (15-17 years old), who are yet to establish behaviours and attitudes that can impact their safety in a negative way. Because of this, the program is primarily aimed at Year 10 and 11 students.

In the 2018-19 financial year, almost 2,000 students across the WestConnex corridor and western Sydney will have access to this critical program which is helping participants to improve their ability to problem solve and make decisions, particularly in risky situations they may be faced with.