Community engagement

At Sydney Motorway Corporation, we acknowledge the social, economic and environmental impacts that are regularly associated with large-scale infrastructure projects.

Our cohesive communication and engagement program involves building relationships with the community to enable the streamlined delivery and operation of WestConnex.

We do this by:

  • understanding community needs – we periodically commission research to better understand community sentiment towards our projects and improve our communications and engagement activities.
  • maintaining dialogue - we adopt a strategic approach to keeping communities informed and we use several channels to help us engage. These include phone, email, written publications, an experiential community centre, kitchen table meetings and social media platforms. We listen actively and continue to be a strong advocate for the community.
  • considering feedback - listening to and responding to community feedback is integral to community engagement. We provide ongoing feedback opportunities and use community feedback to influence the evolution of our projects.

Over the past 12 months, Sydney Motorway Corporation has:

  • distributed more than a million community updates to homes and businesses throughout the WestConnex corridor
  • held more than 44 community information sessions for local residents to drop in and talk directly with the teams planning and building the motorway
  • received over 1,000 community phone calls per month on the WestConnex Information Line.