Economic and education initiatives

Sydney Motorway Corporation aims to build capabilities in our wider community, and leave a positive skills and employment legacy throughout New South Wales.

We work closely with our delivery partners to maximise training and employment opportunities.

Together, we have agreed contracts with more than 1,600 businesses to date. This has created over ten thousand jobs and apprenticeships for manufacturers; engineers; construction workers; and service providers.


WestConnex Training Academy

WestConnex is set to create 500 apprenticeships/traineeships throughout the project lifespan.

In 2016, our New M4 and New M5 delivery partners established the WestConnex Training Academy at Homebush to support this.

The academy focuses on enabling the following job seekers:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • women
  • young people and school leavers
  •  people from western Sydney
  • people with a disability to participate in the workforce.

Our partners have joined forces with western Sydney TAFE and other registered training organisations to deliver the following programs at the WestConnex Training Academy.  


Pre-employment programs

The WestConnex Training Academy sources candidates through organisations that work with the long-term unemployed and people from disadvantaged communities.

Selected candidates participate in a three to four-week course to prepare them for the workforce and more intensive training opportunities. We aim to find employment for at least 70 per cent of people who complete the program.


Traineeships and apprenticeships

Our delivery partners provide apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities in the following sectors:

  • Traditional trades: electricians, mechanics, carpenters, boilermakers and plumbers
  • Cert II: Civil Traineeships
  • Cert III and Cert IV: Business Administration
  • Cert IV: Leadership and Management
  • Cert IV: Occupational Health and Safety.


Transition to tunnelling

The WestConnex Training Academy provides tunnelling training to people who have transferrable skills from other industries. This will allow people with experience from other sectors, like mining and heavy industry, to join our workforce.

Participants also gain valuable skills that will enable them to take advantage of opportunities on future tunnelling projects in Sydney.

Visit to enquire about training and apprenticeships at the WestConnex Training Academy, and employment opportunities with our principal contractors.