Our motorway

The New M4

The widened M4 motorway is the first phase of the New M4 to be completed, and part of the WestConnex project of works. Stretching 7.5 kilometres and with four lanes in each direction, it opened to traffic in July 2017. 

The widened New M4:

  • delivers the fastest route between Parramatta and Homebush
  • allows motorists to bypass 28 sets of traffic lights on Parramatta Road
  • provides smoother road surfaces and new motorway access points

By early next year, the widened section of the New M4 will connect to the M4 East project, which when complete will be known as the New M4 tunnel, creating a traffic light-free connection between Parramatta and Haberfield. 

Operations and maintenance

Sydney Motorway Corporation works in partnership with our principal contractors Fulton Hogan and Egis to operate and maintain the New M4 motorway between Parramatta and Homebush.

This includes:

  • communicating traffic changes to motorists
  • managing health and safety
  • maintaining the roads
  • monitoring the motorway with CCTV around the clock.

For more informationon the New M4, including tolling and how to pay a toll, visit the WestConnex website


Sydney Motorway Corporation is overseeing tolling operations on the New M4 between Parramatta and Homebush. Following a one-month toll-free period, tolling on the widened section of the New M4 commenced in August 2017.

Motorists will help fund the WestConnex road network, including the New M4, using distance-based tolling. This means road users will pay tolls only for the sections of motorway they use.

Trucks will pay more than cars – as is the case for most other motorways in Sydney – reflecting the greater wear and tear trucks have on the motorway.

For further information about tolling, visit the WestConnex website.