2022 Business Ideas: What’s in Store for Car Lovers?

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If you are someone who thinks about automotive vehicles all day and every day, starting a business out of your passion might be a lucrative idea. The adage, “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life,” might be a cliche, but it’s one for a reason. Studies show that liking your job helps you succeed more because the happiness that your job brings will help you feel more focused and have better and more creative idea

In 2022, there are so many potentially profitable opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs who love driving and maintaining vehicles. Now is the time to capitalize on this passion, especially since living in a pandemic means more people need assistance with delivery and transportation.

Here are some tips and ideas for turning your love for cars into a legitimate business.

Mobile Car Wash Service

One business idea that won’t require a lot of capital is a mobile car wash service. Not every car owner has the time to go to a car wash service themselves—and since many people are staying home, not many of them might feel the need to have their cars washed and maintained regularly. Running a mobile car wash service also eliminated the need for a retail business location, so that’s another benefit to this potentially money-making venture.

Aside from washing cars, you can also provide added services like a vehicle maintenance check, so you can help drivers identify if there are parts in their vehicle that are not working perfectly. You can see problems that the owner may be too busy to see themselves, like hairline cracks on the windows or other minor damages. You can then offer to bring the car to the mechanic or a windshield repair shop to have the problem fixed, especially if the driver has no time to do the task themselves.

A Blog or Vlog for All Things Car-related

If you have a knack for writing and other types of content creation, then building an online platform through which you can share your knowledge and ideas might be a good idea. While it’s true that the sphere might be saturated already, and you might struggle to gain an audience at first, you can set yourself apart by catering to your specific city or town. So many car-centered blogs are very general in their approach and tips, so you might gain a big and loyal audience if you center your content around your hometown.

For example, you can give tips on the best auto repair shop in your area or where bikers can find the best eateries and restaurants in your town. Centering your content around your town can help you expand what you post about—it doesn’t simply have to be about vehicles anymore. You can also write or vlog about road trips or why your city or town is worth exploring.

Driving School

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Another small business idea that car and driving enthusiasts can consider is opening a driving school. Not only is a driving school profit-making, but it can also be incredibly rewarding, especially for drivers who also have the talent and patience for teaching. Moreover, there will always be a demand for this type of service because there will always be people looking to get their own driver’s licenses. Here are some essential tips for starting a driving school:

  • Check the driving school requirements in your state. This can usually be found on the website of the Department of Motor Vehicles, but other states may call this department by another name, like the Department of Licensing and others. Identify if you need to declare a place of business, if your car needs some form of inspection, and if you need a separate test or certification before becoming an instructor.
  • Do a thorough market analysis. This includes the size of your market both in value and volume, your competition in the area, and the demand for your service. Do not skip this step because this is the only way to know if your driving school will have legs if you choose to launch it.
  • Once you’ve confirmed that there is a demand for a driving school in your area, draft a business plan that will include how many cars you plan on starting with, your pricing list, and how you plan to market the school.

There is no shortage of business ideas for car lovers. It’s all a matter of identifying if there is a demand for the service and if you, your skills, and your vehicle are uniquely positioned to meet that need.



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