A Checklist for New Car Owners

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Buying a car can be both an anxiety-inducing and exciting ordeal for any first-time buyer. Whether it’s for utility or luxury, people buy cars for an assorted set of reasons. Most of those in the younger age group would say that they will be buying a car to impress their friends. Those in the working-age group would say that they are buying a car for utility; to get them from point A to point B. Those in the retiring age would say that they are buying a car to make them feel young again. It is noteworthy, however, that fewer and fewer millennials are buying cars in general.

Any vehicle advertising agency will tell you to have a series of criteria to consider before buying a car. They are right. There are multiple things you should deliberately think about before spending your hard-earned money on a vehicle you will pay for in installments. What are the different aspects you should consider before buying your first-ever car?

Safety Is Number One

Having a safe car to drive around is the most important aspect you should consider before purchasing a certain vehicle. Car safety has had its up and downs in the past. Because of the rampant accidents that these machines bring on the roads, laws have required car manufacturers to make passenger safety a number one priority. Progress was slow for car safety. It was only in 1959 that the three-point seatbelt was installed by one of the earliest car manufacturers: Volvo. Now, cars have computer systems built-in that detect pedestrians from 200 meters away. Some cars even have adaptive cruise controls that control your speed when the computer detects you are too near for comfort on a highway.

Car Pricing and Other Costs

Of course, car price should always be contemplated upon before buying a new car. It is a no brainer to consider the price of the car before buying it. Even when you have a lot of money, you must also think about the additional costs this car can bring you. Aside from the vehicle’s price, other costs such as insurance, maintenance, and upkeep should be accounted for. The other costs you spend to keep the car running are additional things they do not tell you when you purchase your vehicle. Buying a vehicle is not a plug and play type of deal. For the car to be kept running, you should also shoulder the additional costs it brings.

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Fuel Efficiency

If you are prospecting to buy a non-electric vehicle, the car’s fuel efficiency should be factored in. The car, obviously, runs on fuel. While some cars may look pretty, their insides might be ugly — the number of kilometers per liter of gas might not be as efficient as you want it to be. If the car burns too much gasoline to run fewer kilometers than the next car, then your first choice might be poor.

Being efficient on fuel usually defines the boundaries between what is practical and what is luxurious. If you don’t mind burning through the dollars to reach places, then go right ahead and purchase the car of your dreams. However, if you care about the overall expense you will incur trying to make a car run, you might consider a more fuel-efficient car.

Warranty, Service, and Insurance

Getting the best deals out of your first car is a necessary experience you must undergo. Any transaction involving machines and equipment must have an amazing warranty, service, and insurance to go along with it. Vehicles are still human-made objects. While car manufacturers boast top-notch craftsmanship, these things are still susceptible to wear and tear. Having a warranty on replacement parts will ensure you can squeeze out every penny you spent buying the car.

Alongside the car purchase, you must ensure that the car manufacturer is an excellent service provider. Track down your provider’s record on taking on repairs and maintenance checkups to find out whether or not they are good service repairmen. Also, you must bundle your car up with the appropriate insurance policy. While some insurance policies are cheap, you wouldn’t be getting the coverage you need for everyday drives. Always go for the best bang-for-your-buck deals to fully cover you and your car from liabilities and damages.

Buying a car does not have to be a bothersome affair. Come in prepared, and you will not fret. Buy your first car with pride and joy, knowing for a fact that you bought it for the right reasons.


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