About Us

Sydney Motorway got its start when the editorial team (who are all good blokes, swear!) decided they wanted to start a website detailing all the bad drivers they’ve encountered up and down Bradfield. But what started as a site dedicated to just bashing hoons became an online magazine that just talks about cars, motorcycles, commodes, and pretty much everything else that excited revheads. From expert advice on how to fix a carby (among other things) to deciding between a Fezza and a Porker (that’s Ferrarri and Porsche to our non-Australian speaking friends), Sydney Motorway’s got you covered.

While we have a whole bunch of articles that range from the best cars and the best motorcycles to how-to guides for firing up a vintage engine, our editorial team’s favorite (other than bashing hoons, mind you) thing to do is motor reviews, mostly because it means that these blokes get to ride around a sweet piece of machinery. What a living!

But don’t think for one second that Sydney Motorway is only for expert revheads: nah mate, we want everyone who comes to this site to feel welcome, whether you’ve been driving around in a bog standard with no knowledge of how things fit with one another, or a highly modified and customized Paddock basher, we want you to come to our site and come out of it learning something new. Just don’t be a human hand break and we’ll get along with you!

We also love to speculate about the automotive industry, and we take great lengths to try and talk to some industry insiders about what they think is the next big thing. Basically, we want to give you the best knowledge possible about cars, motorcycles, and pretty much anything with wheels and an engine that make you go zoom.

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