Auto Theft Prevention: How You Can Ensure Your Car’s Safety

auto theft

At some point in our lives, we’ve always wanted to own our very own car that we can drive around the neighbourhood on a quiet Sunday morning. However, cars are also one of the most expensive products that you can buy in the market aside from real estate. This makes cars a prime target for many malicious individuals that want to make quick money through car theft.

According to many law enforcement agencies, hundreds of thousands of vehicles have been stolen back in 2017 alone. Although stealing cars and vehicles have been decreasing in the past few decades do the invention of a lot of new security equipment, it’s still a pressing issue for many countries around the world. In fact, there’s at least a vehicle that is being stolen in the United States every 40 seconds, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

Even though many industries have been inventing different types of equipment that could keep mitigating the likelihood of your car being stolen, many thieves have also become a bit more clever with their strategies. Some thieves are already well-versed with electronics, that they are using smart keys to steal cars while also switching up different VINs, which can help them drive under the radar, even after they’ve gotten their target car.

So, what can you do to keep your car safe and secure from car theft? Here’s are some tried-and-tested strategies that you can do to make you sleep soundly at night while your car is inside your garage.

Install an Anti-theft System 

First and foremost, one of the most effective ways of deterring car theft is by installing an audible system that sounds alarms. Most new modern car models are usually installed with their own visible anti-theft device, which will act as a deterrent when thieves notice it. Many of these systems will emit a loud noise which can attract a lot of attention from passersby and authorities.

There are a variety of alarms that are available in a variety of commercial establishments. Still, you’ll need a mechanic that is well versed around car parts since you’ll need to have your alarm effectively integrated with the wiring system.

If you’re not quite a fan of loud noises, other devices, such as locks for steering wheels and other systems that are programmed to flashlights whenever a car theft is in progress.

Install a Dash Cam

dash cam

Many car thieves are alert when it comes to cars with dash cams since this can capture faces and noticeable parts of suspects. The last thing that many thieves want is their identity to be known among authorities.

One great way of documenting where your car is and keeping track of it is by installing concealed dash cams. Having concealed dash cams can keep your car safe from different types of crimes, even insurance fraud. Fortunately, reliable dash cam installation services can help install dash cams that can record incidents and assist in investigations.

Not only do dash cams help if ever your car is being robbed, but this can also serve as evidence in court hearings and other legal matters. That said, documentation is your best friend if ever a crime is taking place.

Be Alert 

Last but not least, you’ll need to be aware of your environment and surroundings, especially when you’re about to park your car. In most cases, thieves don’t just spring to action just because they see a flashy car in the neighbourhood; most thieves are quite methodical in operating and will generally observe one person for weeks, even months.

If you are wary of your safety, or if you see someone (or a car) suspiciously moving around the neighbourhood, you might want to park in a different place to see if there is a change in their behaviour. In some situations, you could try approaching these individuals and ask for information about them. Still, if you doubt their motives, you can always ask for help from authorities.

Although many thieves devise new strategies and methods in commandeering cars, there are also many guaranteed methods and equipment that can mitigate and prevent car theft. It would help if you learned which one is appropriate enough to apply to your situation.

Although you might have to spend more on your car’s security, it’s a better choice than having to get another car due to theft. Still, being quick on your feet and observing your surroundings can give you a better picture of what is happening around you.  Remember, being alert can take you a long way.


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