Making Your Best Shot in Auto Racing: 7 Car Maintenance Tips


Some car lovers take their passion to the next level. One way is to join auto racing, often making them feel an adrenaline rush. As they take on the challenge, they value their race cars even more. For this reason, they ensure that the race cars receive the best maintenance service as much as possible. They have to do this to look forward to excellent performance and ensure the utmost safety.

Winning races depends not only on the racer but also on the team behind them. Those who perform maintenance activities also have excellent roles for the race. In this case, they are in charge of assuring the race car will do good at the racing event. For this reason, the maintenance tips in this post are essential for these people.

Race Car Maintenance Tips

Race cars require proper maintenance all the time. It is the best way to ensure its outstanding performance. For this reason, check the tips below your racing team may need to include in their checklist. They can help you achieve the best race car conditions, aiming to win:

Clean the race car regularly

Cleaning the car is one of the basic things a racer should do. A bucket of soap and water can already suit the cleaning job. However, it is best to have the help of your team if the race takes place on a course full of dirt. In this case, they can do the right way of cleaning to prevent harming the electric systems and ignition. The use of a pressure washer is not highly preferable because it may reach areas that do not like water.

Inspect dirt racing shock absorbers

It is best to take this out from the car and inspect its condition. In this case, cleaning it is one of the reasons. However, the primary is to see its actual condition. Your team has to inspect if the shock absorbers’ body and shaft contain dents, dings, or bends. Aside from that, they may also find other issues they should address right away. Doing regular inspections can help prevent worn-out parts.

Check conditions of the wheels and tires

Wheels may have cracks or bends, so it is best to inspect them regularly. Aside from that, its impact can be worse, such as hurting the driver and tearing up the equipment. Tires also require cleaning and proper storage to keep them of good quality. Meanwhile, tire balancing equipment can help assure that the car’s wheels are in good shape and proper position.

Maintain the car’s engine

Another point to check regularly is the engine. It requires timely oil changes to keep it running well. Aside from that, you also need to confirm the other parts’ condition, such as the oil filter and belts. Checking these parts consistently can help you prevent damages, which may become a severe problem for the car. Furthermore, it can increase the risk of an accident if not looked into and addressed properly.

Inspect the suspension linkages

car racing shot

The suspension linkages also play vital roles for the vehicle. In this case, you and your team have to ensure that the spindles are straight and free of cracks. Given this point, it is best to invest in a spindle checker. You also have to ensure parts have proper lubrication and are greased if necessary. Doing this can help the race car run smoothly.

Clean the race car’s radiator

One more checkpoint your team should not miss during maintenance is the radiator. You have to check for leaks and dirt, and you can use a low-pressure water hose to flush the dirt from it. It is best to ensure that clamps and hoses are also in good condition. They are prone to small leaks or damage due to abrasion.

Perform proper brake bleeding

They need to do this if the car has undergone pressure washing. Brake bleeding can help remove the moisture trapped in the system due to washing. Aside from that, it is the best way to maintain a fresh fluid in the car’s system. Meanwhile, your team needs to be extra careful when doing this task because it may increase the risk of slip and fall due to brake fluid spillage.

Remember Why Race Car Maintenance Is Essential

The type of racing you participate in will determine the maintenance schedule you need to follow. A good maintenance program is vital to achieving the race car’s best and safest performance. Furthermore, it is your opportunity to extend your car’s lifespan. It will mean you get to do more races with it. Moreover, you can look forward to more winning moments from a well-maintained race car.


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