Car Technologies: The Latest Innovations in the Automotive Industry

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Today, cars are becoming smarter and are allowing us to react to hazard faster, limit driver fatigue and make our lives convenient while on the road. Several giants in the automotive industry are releasing new models that are capable of delivering optimum performance and top-of-the-line quality. Here, we have compiled some of the latest vehicle innovations that will surely amaze you.

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

Generally speaking, automatic emergency braking is a form of an active safety system that automatically activates the vehicle’s brakes if it detects a possible collision. If there is an impending crash, the AEB will send early warning signals to the driver.

AEB is also often combined with another safety feature called the forward collision warning (FCW). FCW is usually indicated by either a visible signal or sound and in most cases, activates before the AEB. Both function with the help of sensors located in the front of the vehicle that can detect your distance from the car in front of you. All AEB can also detect the presence of cyclists and pedestrians.

Advanced Driver Assist System

Also known as the ADAS, an advanced driver-assist system are a group of electric systems that has the capability to assist you in parking functions and driving. ADAS uses a human-machine interface that increases your car’s ability to be safe on the road. It uses automated features such as cameras and sensors that can detect driver error and obstacles.

ADAS can effectively provide important information regarding traffic, road blockage and closure, congestion, and alternate routes. Its systems are also being used to determine the fatigue and state of the human driver and help make precautionary alerts and measures. ADAS is fully capable of taking over the control of the vehicle and perform simple tasks such as cruise control and emergency parking.

Digital Key

Our smartphones and gadgets play an important role in our everyday lives. Because of that, several car manufacturing companies have developed digital key technology which allows you to unlock the doors and start the engine of your car using your smartphone.

BMW, one of the largest game players in the car industry, developed a digital key for almost all its vehicles that is 100% compatible with the iPhone from Apple. Hyundai also has a digital key that can be paired up with Google-powered android devices.

Digital keys work by using a technology called Near Field Communication, a type of low-energy Bluetooth connection that allows your smartphone to communicate with your vehicle. In case your phone doesn’t have a signal or a battery, the digital key would still work but under limited features.

Teen Driver Technology

driving concept

There’s no denying that parents worry a lot for their kids who just started driving. Some car companies realized this and developed a feature called teen driver which acts as a safeguard for new drivers. This feature will automatically notify you if the driver is driving beyond the limit that you’ve set and disables the car’s audio system if the seat belts are not being used. Currently, you can get the whole teen driver technology from General Motors and Chevrolet.

Navigation System

The Global Positioning System or GPS is a network of satellites that allows us to pinpoint a specific location. It was first developed and used by the U.S. Department of Defense for the operations of the Air Force and Coast Guard. Over the years, car manufacturers were able to bring GPS closer to the general public by including it as one of their latest features.

One good example is the 2021 Cadillac Escalade. If you select audio instructions in the dashboard system menu, the voice automatically underscores the action. The voice will come from the right side of the car if you are about to make a right turn. The volume also increases if you are approaching an intersection.

Some cars feature a screen that gives you real-time images provided by Google Street View. Advanced navigational systems are also being used by business owners in the logistics industry such as long-distance moving companies.

Stolen Vehicle Tracker

A majority of cars nowadays have a tracking device hidden somewhere inside them that can help you locate your stolen car. It works by receiving satellite signals from a remotely operated application server. It then pinpoints the position coordinated by using longitude and latitude. This security system is being used by Kia, Hyundai, GMC, Starlink, and Subaru.

The type of technology we have nowadays allows us to revolutionize transportation and develop features that were not even possible a few decades ago. People now have access to cars that boasts an extensive array of modern-day features that benefits the driver and the passengers as well.


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