What Makes a Better Driver? Consider These Road Safety and Driving Tips

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There is nothing more fulfilling than driving your own car. But whether heading off to work, running an errand, or having a road trip, you must be a responsible driver.

The ultimate goal is to promote the utmost safety on the road. Along with this is to avoid accidents and protect the lives of people hitting the road. These include other drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians crossing the street.

In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that about 1.3 million deaths occur every year due to road accidents. Along with this is that 20 to 50 million people suffer from non-fatal injuries and end up with disabilities. It is, for these reasons, that fostering road safety is imperative.

So how do we ensure driving performance while fostering road safety? The answer is to become a good driver. But what makes a better car driver then? Here are some road safety tips and driving tricks for you:

1. Secure a valid driver’s license

When driving, having a valid driver’s license is a must. This license is tangible proof that you’ve undergone the required driving orientation and training. It’s proof that you’ve passed the necessary driving exams and tests. It means that you have the driving knowledge, skills, and expertise that make you capable of hitting the road. Unfortunately, some individuals take the risk of driving without a legitimate license or even a fake one.

2. Get additional driving courses

It’s one thing to have a valid driver’s license. It’s another to take additional driving courses. Why? While having a license makes you a capable driver, undertaking courses makes you a better one. For instance, consider getting a six-hour defensive driving online course. This course will provide you with practical strategies to make you a safer, more well-informed, and more responsible driver. It can even remove negative points on your driving record. Lastly, it can qualify you for a reduced insurance premium.

3. Know the make and model of your vehicle

It takes to know your vehicle in a deep sense. Yes, understand every aspect of your car, from the physical body to running performance to limitations and issues. When purchasing a vehicle, be sure to read the manual and understand everything by heart. Be sure to get well-acquainted with the make and model of your car. While at it, study and observe how it reacts to different road conditions and various situations. If you know your car better, you know how to deal with it when hitting the road.

4. Inspect your car before hitting the road

Another vital consideration is to inspect your vehicle before hitting the road. Yes, make it a habit to check your car before and even after driving. As much as possible, your vehicle must be in top shape and working condition. The last thing you want to happen is to encounter vehicle issues while hitting the road. These problems can potentially lead to a vehicle collision and a road accident. Imagine driving when your brake starts to act up, which can be extremely dangerous.

5. Get regular car maintenance and repair if necessary

man doing his regular tuning up and maintenance of his car

In line with vehicle inspection, you should have regular maintenance as well. With constant use and abuse, your car can get wear and tear. Not only does its physical body become unsightly in appearance, but it will have some functional issues over time. As such, constant upkeep ensures that your vehicle is always in top shape and working condition. If you notice some minor issues, get them fixed right away before they escalate to extensive damages.

6. Ensure safe and proper driving

When it comes to hitting the road, safe driving is a must. It takes conscious efforts and deliberate actions to drive as safely as possible. Proper driving separates responsible drivers from reckless ones. That said, here are safe driving recommendations:

  • No speeding
  • Use turn signals
  • Adjust your mirrors
  • Follow traffic rules and road signs
  • Comply with parking rules
  • Keep a safety margin (maintaining a four-second gap)
  • Never driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs
  • Avoid driving distractions (no using mobile phones)
  • Be in good shape and condition when driving

At this point, you now know what it takes to become a better car driver. As such, consider the road safety tips and driving tricks recommended above, from securing a valid driver’s license to knowing your vehicle down to ensuring proper driving. With all these in mind, you’ll have smooth and seamless driving while protecting other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians hitting the road. Ultimately, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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