Dog Trainer Tips: Essential Tips That Will Help Train Your Dogs

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Dog training is an exceptionally daunting task and one that most people don’t have time to do. However, dog trainers can teach dogs new tricks not by talent or skill but with efficiency they’ve learned throughout the years. By applying these hacks into your in-house dog training, you should be able to teach them how to behave in no time.

Many things need to be discussed when it comes to dog training. But the very first thing you should consider is your dog’s obedience.


Obedience plays a significant role in your dog’s behavior. It’s pretty standard for puppies to be rowdy and not follow your every order, but adult dogs should be more disciplined and respectful of you. You can do this by getting them to be obedient to you.

Obedience is all about the stimuli you are giving them. Scolding dogs or hitting them is a big no-no in dog training because they don’t understand the problem with their actions. However, this will not stop them from doing the bad behavior.

Instead of scolding your dog, learn to gain their trust through treats and praising them. Dogs like these things, and they are likely to become more obedient to you if you do them. When it comes to treats, make sure to have the right ones in hand.

What to Feed Your Dog During Training

There are many dog treats in the market, and these treats can be a delight to many dogs out there. In addition, there are also treats meant explicitly for training. First, however, make sure that you have the right treat for your dog’s age.

If you’re planning to train your puppy, you should consider softer treats or maybe a particular brand of dog food you haven’t introduced to them yet. Also, remember to distinguish threats from their regular food. You wouldn’t want your puppy urging you to feed them their treats as their dinner. For adult dogs, harder to chew treats can be more rewarding.

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There are many dogs treats out there, but there is certainly a treat that most people consider to be taboo: people’s food. We’re talking about cooked chicken, a piece of steak, a boiled carrot, and more. People don’t feed their dogs people food when training because they think they’ll look for it when they eat. However, this is a matter of discipline and not the content of the treat you are giving them.

Don’t feed them whatever you’re eating during dinner time. Instead, introduce it to them when you start training. Sure, they might beg for it when you start eating but do your best not to give it to them. Once they get used to it, you’ll be surprised how they start to behave much better when you’re eating.

How to Stop Them From Begging

We don’t like it when our dogs beg for food when we eat. It’s such behavior we can’t ignore, especially when they start to learn to climb up to our laps and bother us when we eat. But as stated earlier, this is a matter of discipline.

If you’ve fed your dog your food scraps while you’re eating way too many times, then they’ll look for it. One way to stop this from happening is to feed them while you’re eating. This is to ensure that they won’t be there to witness you eat. Moreover, stop feeding them human food altogether. This follows behavioral learning known as extinction. The less they are exposed to a stimulus with no reward, the more likely they are to forget the behavior.

Transportation Problems

Many Americans travel every year, with some of them moving state to state or country to country. But we all know the problem of doing this when we have pets. Here are a couple of tips that’ll help your dog behave during the move:

  • Have contingency plans for stress (e.g., anti-anxiety medication or play training)
  • Be calm during the move, your dog will know if you’re panicking, and they are likely to panic as well.
  • Don’t feed them before the move. You don’t want them to soil themselves
  • Have treats, but don’t give them too much
  • Give them a warm blanket

By following these things, you should be able to have a well-behaved dog during your move. However, if you don’t think you can keep an eye out during the move, feel free to hire a professional dog transport service. This service will ensure that your dog is safe and ready to receive you after the move. Moreover, they are a far better option for huge dogs because they can be cumbersome to travel with.

Here are a couple of tips that’ll get your dog to behave properly in your household or when you’re on the move. They are helpful tips that will surely get your dog to respect you.


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