Exciting RV Activities for Spring and Summer

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Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for families to go on trips. The fair weather is perfect to enjoy the outdoors. The natural attractions and landscapes also boast of their majestic beauty. Trips during these seasons are more comfortable and enjoyable.

These trips become even exciting when you have an RV stashed in your garage. You can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and the comfort of the indoors when you travel in an RV. But before you do, make sure that your vehicle is ready. Have the parts checked well. Cleaning or repairing your windshield will help give you unobstructed views. A vehicle tune-up will ensure that you have an accident-free trip. Having the living spaces of your vehicle deep-cleaned will lead to a comfortable time on the road.

When you have your RV ready, you can start an unforgettable spring or summer ride. Get inspiration from the activities here.

Go Glamping

Letting the family experience camping is an excellent way to spend time together. Adults and children can discover about nature through various activities. Examples of which are hiking, birdwatching, or nature gathering. At night, you can even collect fireflies in a jar.

Some love camping because it teaches back-to-basic skills. Tents and bonfires are key elements for survival. But, at present, people start to embrace the concept of glamping. This idea came from the two words “glamorous” and “camping”. RVs help to bring this concept to reality.

RV camping mixes the wilderness of the outdoors and the comforts of the indoors. This is a safer take on camping. It is also a good call for families who have small children with them. You can enjoy a movie night with the convenience of technology set in nature.

Many campgrounds accommodate RVs. In these places, you could meet other families who are also into RV camping. It would feel like you have a small community.

Take Detours on Purpose

Having a car gives you the liberty to have a quicker trip going to themed parks or national parks. Having an RV even makes it more convenient. You do not have to do many road stops and be in a queue in public comfort rooms or food chains. As such, you have more time in your hands.

With this extra time, you can insert some more items into your itinerary. You could turn those wheels on purpose and find an extra activity or two. It could be as simple as a scenic view or a trip to a local museum. You can also try good food in a restaurant tucked away far from the main road.

Being on an RV road trip is hitting many targets at the same time. Bring your home on the road, have meaningful detours, and visit famous tourist spots.

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Have a Picnic

Picnics are an excellent way to spend time with one another. With good food and the natural landscape as a backdrop, it is an activity most people enjoy. Picnics with your RV a few meters away from your picnic spot make the experience more exciting.

Most of the time, picnic baskets only contain a few food selections. Those are easy to prepare and pack types of foods. But with an RV, you can prepare sumptuous dishes right off your multi-kitchen burner. Then, everybody can enjoy it hot and fresh as you serve it on the picnic table or mat. You and your family will have a grand time with good food flowing.

Try Boondocking

Boondocking is a more adventurous take on RV camping. This is also called free camping or wild camping. This activity involves more survival skills even when you are inside your vehicle. There are plenty of undeveloped campsites where you can park your RV and settle for a time. The catch is you would be off-grid. Electricity and water hook-ups are uncommon in these sites. You have the safety of a shelter inside your RV. But, you have to practice some resourcefulness and self-reliance.

This type of RV camping appeals to many people. They want to have some time off from the noise of the world. There is no need to worry because underdeveloped campsites are safe. These places are still under some regulations by the government. It is a perfect choice for a digital detox, more family time, and many chances to commune with nature. Think of unobstructed sunrises or sunsets. Then, have a blanket of stars above you before you drift to sleep.

As with any other trip, taking your RV on the road needs careful planning. Whatever activity you choose, make sure that you have everything ready. Prepare ample supplies and have your vehicle in top condition. This will ensure that each family member is happy and excited as you make beautiful memories.


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