Yes, Hiking Isn’t Fun Under The Summer Heat

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We are big fans of going outdoors, embracing the vast landscape, and going on hikes to momentarily escape the stress and bustle of everyday life because it’s pretty simple to do and doesn’t take a lot of effort apart from physical exertion. And even with the Covid-19 global pandemic still a looming threat, hiking is one of, if not the safest outdoor activities you can participate in because you won’t be going anywhere near public places filled with people left and right.

However, the summer season is a major exception, and we strongly advise everyone with plans to go hiking to postpone them for the time being because it’s just not as fun nor safe when you’re at the mercy of the summer heat. And so, today, we’ll be explaining just why you shouldn’t go hiking this summer and what other fun activities you can choose to do in its place.

Summer And Hiking Don’t Blend Well.

Although you’d think that a bright shining sun will let you see more clearly the beautiful views you find on a hiking trip, the summer heat just adds in too many uncontrollable factors that put your safety and well-being at risk. In fact, we can name three specific reasons why summer and hiking don’t blend well with each other, which are (1) the dangers of heatstroke, (2) having to pack a lot more equipment, and (3) you’ll be sweating puddles.

  • Heatstroke Is Super Dangerous

    Heatstroke occurs when your body starts to overheat from being exposed to high temperatures for far too long, and because hiking is already a strenuous activity, having to bear with the summer heat increases the risk. Yes, you could mitigate the risks by simply staying hydrated and allocating ample time to rest under some shade, but we should also take note that everybody has different thresholds.

  • You’ll Pack A Lot More Than Usual

    Under normal conditions, your backpacking gear is already quite heavy, but since the summer heat will have you packing extra gallons of water and more clothes, expect things to get even heavier. As a result, you might find yourself out of breath and without any energy left when you still got quite the trek ahead of you before reaching any suitable place to set up camp.

  • Too Sweaty For Any Good Pictures

    Lastly, we can all collectively agree that one of the best parts of hiking is getting the opportunity to take good pictures of views you’d never get to see on a normal day. However, you will most probably find yourself dripping in sweat every time you pull out the camera, and unless you want to showcase that type of hard work, you’ll be too sweaty to get any good angles.

Some Summer Fun You Can Do Instead


Of course, with those reasons in mind, we have no plans of leaving you hanging with nothing to do this summer apart from staying inside. And to help keep you busy and get some fun in your veins, here are some excellent summer alternatives you can do instead of hiking.

#1 Take The Fun To The Seas

If you’re quite the adventurous type and have been dying to have a party, then we strongly recommend you shift your gaze to the ocean and take the fun to the seas. With a couple of buddies, you could easily rent a party boat at an excellent price during the summer. Plus, it will come packed with everything you need from BBQs to bars on your own private cruise, and is an entirely new experience compared to trekking in the wilderness.

#2 Plan An Outdoor Picnic

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to embrace nature still, but instead of going on a hike, we suggest that you take things down a notch for just this once and go plan an outdoor picnic with a few friends and family. Sure, it won’t be as exhilarating and nor will it be as physically exhausting, but we believe everybody deserves to take a break once in a while, and it’s the perfect chance to invite your non-hiking buddies to catch up.

#3 Backyard BBQ Cook-Off

Last but not least, for all those hungry and who want to escape the cycle of ordering takeout, why not plan for a backyard BBQ cook-off next weekend? All you need is a good weekend when everybody’s free, and you could have a small party in your backyard with good food and drinks to last you until the sunset. Moreover, it’s also the safest option since you’re not leaving your home at all.

If You Must Go Hiking, Take Extra Precautionary Measures

Nevertheless, if you’re still hell-bent on that hike, then at the very least, please take extra precautionary measures to keep you safe from the dangers we’ve mentioned above. And if you’re of the latter that we’ve been able to convince otherwise, we also wish you the best of luck in having fun this summer season.


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