Starting a Racer’s Life: How to Start a Racing Career


The motorsport industry is one of the biggest when it comes to entertainment. It’s already a billion-dollar industry and is expected to grow even larger in the future. One of the biggest markets in the industry is found in the US, where millions of Americans spend millions of dollars on funding races from all over the country. One of the most spectated races is NASCAR in where about three million Americans watch it every year. That’s a huge chunk of the overall population.

Now you might have seen a fair share of these races. You might drive faster than anyone in your neighborhood. You might think that you have a chance at becoming a racer, and you might be right. But it’s not a simple as doing all of these things. There are some things you need to know about the racer life.

Knowing Everything About Your Vehicle

A part of a Racer’s life is automotive repair. That’s right before you know. You’ll have to learn how to fix your vehicle’s headlights if you want to stay long in the industry. This is because, in the beginning, you won’t have many funds for repairs. Most of your money will come out right of your pocket, and you’ll most likely need to learn automotive repair to know how your car truly functions. Most of the best racers in the world know every nook and cranny of their vehicle. Many might argue that their car is part of their body, an extended limb, perhaps. If you don’t learn how to take care of your vehicle today, how will you become a racer tomorrow?

Join seminars or listen attentively to many car salespeople regarding their products. These people know the ins and outs of the vehicle they are selling because it’s pretty much their life to do so. Also, visit car repair shops and talk to maintenance specialists. Ask them the best ways to take care of your car and ask them the different parts of it. If you’re not a gearhead now, you won’t get anywhere in the racing industry.

Learn the Basics of Driving

Forget about drifting or going fast. You might be talented in these things, and you might have been born with a racer’s blood in your veins, but it all means nothing if you don’t know the basics of driving. If you want to be big in the industry, you’ll have to start small. One way to do this is the go-kart.

Go-kart racing has the capability of teaching you or at least remind you of basic driving principles. These principles will be important once you show off your skills in the higher leagues. It can even help you get discovered. Remember the precision driving is more highly sought out than stylish driving. The only way you can be a precision driver is by learning and mastering the basics.

Another way you can learn and practice the basics is by driving on race tracks. If a couple of friends wants to do some racing, you can pool together a budget for you to rent a race track. It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy. A well-spalted road will do just fine. This is where you can show off some skills you might have and learn new tricks you haven’t learned yet. But remember that the main goal is to practice and master the basics.

The best way for you to master the basics and learn new ways to drive is to hire a mentor. They don’t come cheap, and most of the time, they’ll be the ones to choose you and not the other way around, but once you’ve proven yourself on the track, someone is bound to discover your talent. Just practice the best way you can. Join a couple of local tournaments so that you can get discovered.

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Have Enough Cash

The reality is that before you even start your racing career, you’ll have to save up a decent chunk of money. You can’t get into this career with just a couple of dollars and a dream.

There’s a legion of drivers out there who want a piece of the billion-dollar pie. Some of these drivers are well-funded, while some have a decent amount of cash to sustain themselves and their dream. You’re going to need some money if you want to stay in the industry. So you’ll have to save up as much as you can. Start a career close to the motorsports industry if you can. You can a mechanic perhaps or join a team of racers. It’s up to you how you’re going to save up for your dream. Just know that you can’t get anywhere in the industry without cash.

Be Your Own Manager

Lastly, you’re going to have to be a jack of all trades once you’ve started your racing career. You can’t just be a racer at first because having a manager will cost thousands of dollars. You’re going to have to do your own appointments and registrations. You can’t afford someone else to do this for you because you’re going to be spending most of your money tuning your vehicle and fixing it whenever you can.

If you can’t do this, try joining a racing team. It can be quite hard since they usually look for veterans, but new teams should be willing to take in new talent. Just make sure that you’ve mastered the fundamentals. A racing team can also help you learn more about the industry and your career. However, know that you’ll be working for the team, so most of your achievements will be the team’s and not yours. If you want to recognize, it’s better to be out there on your own.

Starting a racing career is never easy. Many of those have failed in this career, and many more struggle to get to the top. However, it is an enriching and fulfilling career. Given the right knowledge and attitude, you can make it far into your dream of becoming a race car driver.


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