Going Long Drives with Older Adults

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Nope, it’s not only the younger ones who are itching to travel. Even the older ones do, and they’re ready to hit the road anytime soon.

COVID-19 vaccinations are now rolling across the world, and more and more people are becoming comfortable going outdoors. With restrictions being eased and with the tourism industry going back to business, there is no wonder people would love to travel soon. And, according to surveys, long drives and local destinations are their first choice.

Vaccinated adults are relatively safe to travel. But, how about older adults who are more vulnerable to the virus? Restrictions allow them to travel. But, as their companion, how are you going to make long drives safe for them? What vehicle should you use to make their trip more comfortable?

Older adults love long drives

According to an AARP survey, an association committed to empowering older American adults, 54% of boomers or those aged 56 to 74 years old are hopeful and excited to travel. Currently, they are searching for possible destinations, booking hotels, and checking safety protocols to make sure their travels will be safe. Some of the respondents who said they wanted to travel did not make any trips last year. Thus, the excitement to go on a trip and spend as much time outdoors.

The growing travel optimism among older adults is also confirmed by travel companies. According to reports, travelers aged 65 and above are now searching for luxury resorts, islands, luxury cruises, and local destinations. This means that senior citizens are now more interested in long drives and road trips.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, around 29 million Americans aged 70 and above are licensed drivers. This shows how many senior citizens are interested in going for long drives. Yet, we are still in the middle of a pandemic, and long drives may not be good for them. And, while there are no current guidelines that restrict older adults from traveling, it is now on the family and friends of senior citizens to make sure that they will be safe and healthy throughout the road trip.

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Road trips should be comfortable

If you go with senior citizens on a trip, it is your responsibility to make them comfortable and safe. Here are some things you might want to consider:

· Get a private vehicle.

As much as they’d want to drive, it might be wise to hire a luxury van. These vehicles have their drivers/chauffeurs. Because of its comfortable size, it is ideal for big groups. These vans are spacious enough for older adults to move around so that they may not feel any discomfort during long trips.

They can stretch their legs as they are seated in leather captain’s chairs. These chairs can be inclined so that the older adults can lie comfortably when they want to sleep. They can also relax throughout the trip with the available WiFi connection and VOD streaming platforms like Netflix.

· Choose outdoor locations that are spacious and less popular.

Avoid going to indoor tourist spots. The safest places are the ones with proper ventilation. Yet, even outdoor areas can be crowded now that more people want to travel. Since you are with older adults vulnerable to the virus, you might want to visit less popular and less crowded tourist destinations. Also, choose to go on weekdays at non-peak hours so that the older adults can roam around more and enjoy nature. And, don’t let the senior citizens go without wearing a mask, even if it’s outdoors.

· Invest in travel health insurance.

It is always best to be sure, especially in the middle of this health crisis. You might want to get extra travel health insurance or medical insurance for your trip. This is to secure the senior citizens of any inconvenience should there be health emergencies. It will also help if you research the area you are visiting and find in advance the nearest hospitals. This is to make sure that you know where you’re going should any untoward incident happen. Amid the pandemic, hospitals can have limited access these days, so it’s always better to be prepared.

Now that everyone is going back to traveling, you might find more cars on the streets these days. When going on a road trip, put safety first, especially when a senior citizen is on board. Consider their needs and their comfort. They deserve to unwind and travel amid the stressful pandemic, but above all, they also deserve to be safe.


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