Making Driving More Comfortable: What Can You Do?

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Driving can be a tiring task, especially for those long drives and distant road trips. It can also be a very uncomfortable position for someone to be in. You’d have to sit for a long time in an unnatural position in a cramped space.

No matter what vehicle you drive, you will experience some discomfort that is inevitable in driving. It can be a car that allows only a couple of people or a custom motor coach where a family can live in. But there are some ways to lessen this discomfort. Here are some tips that should help you drive in a better state no matter what vehicle you are driving or how long you will be sitting.

Adjust the Position of the Driver’s Seat

The first thing you should check is how your seat is positioned. Properly seated drivers reduce the risks of developing body pains from poor sitting posture. You have to adjust the driver’s seat to the best position that you can be comfortable in. Look into how you can change the proximity of the seat to the pedals, the inclination of the back support, and the tilt of the headrest. These adjustments might not be comfortable at first, but you have to get used to them for a better driving posture.

Place Lumbar Support and Seat Cushion

Even when you’ve positioned your seat correctly, you may still need some cushion to support your body while sitting. This is where you might need a nice cushion to sit on to avoid pain in your buttocks. A lumbar support cushion should also be used to prevent slouching. Lumbar support devices come in many shapes and sizes. You may have to try a few before settling on something that best supports your lower back while driving.

Check the Air Conditioning

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Your vehicle’s air conditioning system should keep you comfortable while inside the car, but sometimes it can work against you. If you find yourself being smacked in the face with a draft, redirect the air by adjusting the vent. If the air feels stuffy, dusty, or plain weak, the air filters might be full of dust and debris so consider cleaning it or having it replaced. You can also play with car air fresheners to add a different feel to the interior of your vehicle, depending on the kind of scent you select.

Add Seat Belt Strap Cover

Safe drivers always wear their seat belts, but they can feel restrictive and even painful sometimes. Consider buying seat belt strap covers to reduce the contact it makes on your torso. You can find seat belt covers in a variety of colors, materials, and designs to better match your car’s aesthetic. But keep in mind that your seat belt is there to protect you in case of accidents. Your seat belt cover should not obstruct your driving nor take away from the safety purpose of your seat belt.

Add Steering Wheel Cover

As the driver, your hands will always hold the steering wheel, which can cause some pain after prolonged periods. This constant gripping of the steering wheel can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Some people also get sweaty hands that can make it more difficult to steer the wheel.

For this, you might benefit from installing a steering wheel cover that adds a comfortable grip while you drive. It adds girth to the steering wheel so that you won’t have to grip it as tightly as before. But do try to switch hands while driving, letting one hand rest while the other does the work.

Add Holders

You can also add various holders to make driving more efficient. A phone holder can help you when you constantly use GPS to find your way on the road. Cup holders are great for those that always need a drink while driving. Some holders come in the form of a hook where you can hang charging cords, sunglasses, and even your face mask. Find the ones that suit your needs while considering where you will be installing them in your vehicle, as some have to be clipped on while others use adhesives.

These tips should relieve you of the usual discomfort that you feel while driving. As your sitting position has to be sustained for many hours, you have to try and adjust both yourself and your car to minimize the stress it puts on you. Adding simple things to the driver’s seat to make it more comfortable should help while driving and help keep you in good health in the long run. Also, make stopovers to take a break in between long drives. Try these steps, drive safely, and you are good to go.


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