New Year’s Best: The Greatest Import/Luxury Cars of 2021


While stuck at home during the pandemic, many of us are dreaming of a time when we could finally leave home. If you fancy yourself a car enthusiast, this could most probably be a dream you’ll fulfill by finally stepping into an import car that’s made up at a car show.

Something that imports and luxury cars have in common is the class that they convey. Most of these cars are coated using special auto paint ceramic coating services from the best auto shops. Imports have a certain appeal especially if they’re made from the ground up; their counterpart, the supercars, have an appeal because of their reckless speeds and the danger they represent.

The coming of 2021 offers a new year when we’ll see the best models come out. Here is a mix of import and luxury cars to come out even when we can’t come out yet:

Mazda MX-5 Miata 2021 variant

The 2021 model of the MX-5 Miata marks the 32nd year of its existence. It initially was introduced to the car-loving public in 1989 and was able to immediately hold a candle to the “better” 2-seat sports cars back then. The Japanese import has largely remained unchanged since it’s managed to capture the perfect combination of speed and handling on its first try.

It is available in soft-top convertible or hard-top fastback variants. It’s not hard to choose which car model you’re going for, as the Miata offers a lot of versatility even for the most discerning car enthusiast.

Aston Martin Valhalla

driving a car

The Valhalla is a sleek-looking sports car that seems to have zoomed in from the future. The prototype looks every bit the future sports car it’s touted to be; it has a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine that’s “mated” or combined with a plug-in battery pack, which will also be included in future production models.

The price index has yet to be revealed to the public as is the performance of this supercar. There’s also the pandemic to worry about. But the future looks bright with the Valhalla, looking every bit the mythological car its name suggests it to be. It’s slated to be sold at a premium price as well.

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 2021

The Corvette Stingray languished in rumor hell and is finally unleashed into the public. The sports car came out into the public with a mid-engine layout to put speculations to rest once and for all. It might mean an extra cost in production, but all these are geared towards helping the Corvette reach its full potential.

This is the eighth generation in a long line of powerful vehicles with improvements in both powertrain and platform. It is also more angular in appearance, another supposed side-effect of the decision in its engine’s layout.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Porsche’s GT3 offering in 2021 may be a sign that non-turbocharged variants of supercars are quickly getting left behind and forgotten. The 911 GT3 sports a hybrid set-up, sharing the same 4.0-liter flat-six engine as the Speedster. It is expected to run at 500hp.

Again, it’s not exactly clear what this model will cost enthusiasts, but it’s expected to at least demand a premium for its set-up. Porsche’s latest super offering has also been a much-talked-about variant. Buyers are expected to have paid for it a long time ago when all it was are smoke and mirrors. The RS 2021 is, according to experts, an “instant classic” that will get fans their money’s worth.

2021 model Toyota/Subaru 86/BRZ

2021 will once again see Toyota and Subaru designing their own variations of an iconic classic. Toyota once again has the Supra to work on but it won’t let the AE 86 just fade out into the sunset. Neither will Subaru, with what they’ve developed on the BRZ. The latest model won’t differ much from its predecessor but there will be improvements.

Toyota and Subaru will once again work together on this project, with Toyota supplying the platform while Subaru furnishes the Boxer engine. Car enthusiasts won’t be able to tell much this early, apart from the car offering more convenience features as well as plenty of goodies in the advanced safety stat.

Even when under lockdown, 2021’s car variants are powerful, loud, and built for the road. People might not yet be able to go out of their homes for the time being as they keep safe; these cars, however, will be a worthy offering to the car fan who wants to go on the open road in the near future. For now, it will be satisfying to see them on virtual car shows.


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