8 Truck Must-haves to Prepare for Offroading and Overlanding Adventures

truck on a field

A lot of truck owners bought their vehicles because they needed a workhorse that they can use to haul cargoes now and then. Many, however, purchased their pickup trucks because they wanted a vehicle that they can take to remote locations and unforgiving terrains to quench their thirst for adventure.

These thrill-seeking individuals are willing to spend big cash and lots of their spare time in sprucing up their trucks to make them suitable for some heavy beating. A lot of truck owners go on multi-day and even months-long trips across vast expanses of land on offroading quests and a relatively new trend: overlanding.

Both of these activities require specialized equipment fitted onto the truck to make the trip safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. You may already have some basic upgrades on your vehicle right now but you must consider adding some more to fully equip your ride for every imaginable situation.

Here are eight rugged items to invest in so your truck becomes a true beast that can take on any offroading and overlanding challenge:


A hitch allows you to connect a trailer or tow another vehicle, which can be a lifesaver in many situations. There are different types of truck hitches with unique functions and towing capacity, so you need to choose carefully based on your specific needs and budget. You may simply contact a hitch installation company to ask for the right type of hitch for you.

Rugged GPS

Global positioning system (GPS) technology has progressed tremendously over the years and some companies make GPS products purposely meant for tough applications like overlanding and offroading. Buy one of these items and you can travel safer since you can enjoy access to offline maps and offroad trails, which means you don’t need a data connection to use the device on your outdoor adventures.

Truck tent

While sleeping inside your truck is a good enough option when you’re out in the great outdoors, sleeping in a tent where you can stretch your legs and lie down comfortably is a better one. Fortunately, there are tent trucks that you may choose from since they come in different designs, with features and price points that suit various budget limitations and preferences.

Water purification system

If you intend to stay outdoors in remote locations, you need to bring with you a water purification system so you can stay hydrated when your water finally runs out. There are affordable portable filtration products that you can buy and take with you, plus water purification tablets that add an extra level of safety to your drinking water.

portable cookware

Portable stove and cookware

Just because you’re miles away from civilization doesn’t mean you should content yourself with mediocre food. With a portable stove, you can prepare meals similar to the ones you enjoy at home or at your favorite restaurant. Of course, be sure to pair it up with a cookware set and you’re good to go to enjoy hearty meals in the middle of nowhere.

Portable power source

The key to equipping your truck with creature comforts is always portability. This is why aside from portable cooking equipment, you also need a portable source of power for your devices and other essentials that require electricity. You should buy a portable electric generator and a solar panel so you can have a steady and ready supply of juice wherever you may be.

Remote first aid kit

Out in the wilderness and in remote locations, medical emergencies and injuries are always a threat that could hit you when you least expected. The first six hours of being injured are critical since it could mean life and death. This is exactly why you need something to treat yourself with while help is on the way. A remote first aid kit is just what you need to bail you out of such a situation because it usually contains supplies that are meant for most kinds of injuries that can occur in a remote area.

Extra fuel containers

Running out of precious gas while you’re miles away from the nearest gas station is just a no-no. You can easily avoid such a deep hole by buying one of two jerry cans and filling them up at the last gas station you can find before you venture into no man’s land. They cost rather cheap and would surely come in handy once your truck used up its fuel and you’re still quite a long way from civilization.

With these excellent add-ons, you’ll surely have loads of adrenaline-inducing trips on your trusted truck — trips that would surely be one for the books.


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