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Driving Practices in the New Normal

With thousands of COVID-19 cases in Australia, it may be a while before life as we know it returns to normal. Here’s what you should expect should change when on the road. Driving in the New Normal: What to Expect When on the Road With the steady number of COVID-19 cases streaming across Australia, it’s

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Should I Get a Second-Hand Car? (and the Factors You Should Consider)

Buying a car for yourself or your family is a huge investment. Over 92 percent of households in Australia have a car, showing that it may be a necessary purchase as many families prefer private cars over public transportation. When buying a car, you often have two options: buy a brand new one from an

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Should I Still Pay for Preventative Maintenance for a Second-Hand Car?

When it comes to a brand-new car, you hear plenty of tips on keeping it: avoid driving through floods, don’t go to unauthorised car shops, and follow your maintenance schedule to keep it in good shape for as long as possible. These are a given, and for a good reason: the average price of a

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