Tips for Starting an Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Business

  • Conduct market research and develop a solid business plan before starting an aircraft maintenance business.
  • Obtain the necessary certification, licenses, and permits from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other organizations.
  • Secure a good location with enough space to provide full-service maintenance to aircraft of all sizes.
  • You need to invest in quality equipment and tools to save time and money.
  • Build a strong corporate culture with the right staff and employee engagement strategies.

If you are in the aviation industry and looking to take the next step by starting your own aircraft maintenance and repair business, this blog post is for you. It’s a great time to enter the aircraft industry, with the world relying heavily on the modern air travel status quo.

Starting any business is a challenge, and starting an aircraft maintenance business is no different. Here, in this blog, you will learn valuable tips on creating an aircraft maintenance business that can help you get up and running.

Conduct Market Research and Develop a Solid Business Plan

Before starting any business, you must conduct extensive market research to understand the industry’s dynamics, challenges, and opportunities. Having a solid business plan is the most essential step in starting a business. You must lay out your plan, from your business objectives to marketing strategies to financial projections. Additionally, it is highly advised to consult an aircraft maintenance expert for professional advice.

Get Proper Certification and Licenses

To establish a reliable aircraft maintenance business, you must have qualified and licensed mechanics. It would be best to apply for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification, licenses, and permits.

FAA is an authoritative body that oversees all aviation maintenance and repair services in the United States. Additionally, you may need to get certification from other agencies like the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

Secure a Good Location


Location is a crucial factor in your aircraft maintenance and repair business. Find a location with enough space to provide full-service maintenance to aircraft of all sizes. You must also consider accessibility, proximity to airports, and other essential services when choosing a location. You also need to consider the cost of renting or buying the space.

Invest in the Right Equipment and Tools

Aircraft maintenance is a costly business. But investing in high-quality equipment and tools can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. And when it comes to aircraft maintenance and repair, these are the most essential tools and equipment you absolutely need to have:

A hoist

A hoist is a mechanical device used to lift and move heavy objects. In aircraft maintenance, hoists are essential as they help mechanics inspect and repair large areas of the aircraft quickly and safely.

Specialty tools

Aircraft maintenance requires specialized tools that can handle challenging jobs. You must invest in high-quality specialty tools that will help you carry out vital repairs and services efficiently.


Aircraft welding is a complex process that requires special equipment and experience. It’s essential to invest in welders, plasma cutters, and other welding tools for your aircraft business.

Test equipment

Inspecting the various components of aircraft is imperative to ensure their proper functioning. You must invest in inspection instruments and other test equipment to help you carry out routine maintenance and inspections properly.

Fly away kits

Having fly-away kits is essential for any aircraft maintenance business. These kits contain important items such as spare parts, tools, and other materials that can be used to fix minor problems or perform emergency repairs on the spot. Make sure your kits are made of durable materials and are easily accessible.

Choose reliable and top-class equipment for every job. Ensure that all tools and equipment are compliant with the FAA regulations.

Build a Strong Corporate Culture and Hire the Right Staff


Hiring the right staff with the right skills and experience is essential to your business’s success. Hire licensed and experienced personnel that matches your business objectives. Building a strong corporate culture with positive values and dedication can help attract quality staff and build a solid team. You must also implement effective employee engagement strategies to keep your team motivated and productive.

Starting an aircraft maintenance and repair business is a big undertaking, but with the proper knowledge, tools, and staff on board, it can be done. Through proper market research, acquiring the required certifications and licenses, finding a suitable location for your business to operate from, investing in reliable tools and equipment that are compliant with FAA regulations as well as building a solid corporate culture by hiring experienced personnel – you’ll have all the necessary pieces in place to get started.


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