Yacht vs. Private Jet: What Should You Take?

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How different the world is for mere mortals and the super-rich. While we choose between buying a two-ply and three-ply toilet paper, the super-rich has to choose between buying a Rolex or a Breguet and buying a Roman villa or the mansion in California. These worlds are completely different, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never get the chance to choose between their big-ticket purchases, such as picking between riding a yacht or a private jet.

Fortunately, you can rent a mansion in Beverly Hills for a day or that villa in France. You can also rent a superyacht or a private jet. Or, who knows? Maybe work will give you that opportunity. So, if you ever find yourself choosing between going on a yacht or a private jet, what should you pick? More importantly, if you finally made it to the top and you can have that big-ticket purchase, should you opt for a jet or a yacht?



Both of these are convenient to have. Imagine being able to fly in and out when you want to through a private jet. No waiting time at the boarding gate. All you have to do is arrive at the hangar at the exact time your pilot said. A yacht will have all the amenities that a private jet has. In fact, yachts tend to have more features because they are larger, and can carry more than planes. A jet, however, gets you to your destination faster. It can travel thousands of miles at the speed of light, while even superyachts tend to be slower.

Yachts can’t get to Europe from America in hours. A private jet can do that. So, when it comes to the convenience of getting to and from where one needs to be, a private jet is the wisest choice for the super-rich.


But why do some still prefer the yacht over the plane? The reason is you can always fly private or business class and enjoy the same privileges as a private jet. Yachts offer more adventures. If you plan to go somewhere, you can have a couple more destinations between the place where the boat is docked and your destination. If you want to stop over somewhere, it’s easier to do that with a yacht than a private plane.

There are more papers to process with a plane. There are more charges. Yachts offer more flexibility in terms of places you can visit. Some people can tour Europe in a month or two months on a yacht since they can also live there for the time being. That’s not the same with a private jet that zooms in and out of airports.


The super-rich has always been criticized for their use of private planes. The environmental impact of using private jets is the focus of these complaints. Jets have a huge environmental footprint, something that even superyachts cannot match in impact. With the invention of eco-friendly yachts, it’s even more important to choose wisely between these two luxuries.

Yacht builders are now looking at hybrid, electric, and hydrogen propulsions. They are also using sustainable materials for the construction of the yachts. The aircraft industry is far from what the shipping and maritime industry could achieve in terms of environmental impact.


Owning or renting jets or yachts depends on your lifestyle. Yachts are more for downtime. If you want to unwind, that’s what yachts are for. Imagine being able to look at the open sea for hours or even days. That’s what a yacht can provide you. On the other hand, a jet is used more for work since it can get you to and from your destination in a matter of hours. Well, minutes if you need to hop to the next island.

Maintenance for these two is also vastly different, but both are expensive. A yacht needs a dock, which means owners have to pay for the maintenance and mooring fees. Owners need to have a crew for the yacht, too. The same can be said for a private jet. Owners have to pay for the hangar space. Some choose outside storage, but that’s not a good idea for private jets. If you rent either of these two, trust that the owners will charge you for the maintenance and storage.

Money isn’t a problem for those looking to rent either a private jet or a yacht. Whether for personal or business use, choosing the right one will help you have the best time ever. For downtime, choose the yacht. But if you need to go places super-fast, the private jet is the better pick.


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