5 Yachts Great for Summer 2023


If you’re looking for a way to make the most of this summer, consider investing in a yacht. There’s no better way to escape the city life’s hustle and bustle than by getting out on the open water. Whether hosting an event or just taking a well-deserved vacation, these five yachts are perfect for making your summer experiences unforgettable.

Princess F70 – Princess Yachts

The first yacht that makes our list is the Princess F70. This beautiful luxury vessel features a sleek modern design and state-of-the-art technology. The F70 has space to comfortably sleep up to six guests and plenty of entertaining room, including an outdoor bar and hot tub. It also includes two jet skis and can reach up to 32 knots, so you can quickly get wherever you need to go! It’s quite an expensive yacht, costing around 300,000 EUR, but it’s worth it.

Azimut 66 – Azimut Yachts

If you’re looking for something with a contemporary style, look no further than the Azimut 66 from Azimut Yachts. This yacht is designed with luxury and features plenty of amenities, including air conditioning, satellite TV, and Wi-Fi access throughout the boat. It can accommodate up to ten people over three cabins, and its comfortable interior makes it an ideal choice for longer trips too!

Ferretti 720 – Ferretti Yacht Group

For those who want something a bit more exclusive, check out the Ferretti 720 by Ferretti Yacht Group. This stunning yacht offers plenty of space for lounging with its four decks, gymnasium, and spa area, complete with a sauna and steam room. With enough room to comfortably sleep up to eight guests, this yacht has everything needed for an unforgettable voyage!

A boat that's docked in the pier

Sunseeker Predator 68 – Sunseeker International

For those who prefer something sporty yet luxurious, check out Sunseeker International’s Predator 68. This sleek vessel can reach speeds up to 35 knots thanks to its twin MAN V8 engines, so you can get where you need to go in no time! It also has plenty of amenities, such as air conditioning, a wet bar, and even a BBQ grill to enjoy meals while cruising! However, the Sunseeker costs around two million dollars, so prepare your wallet for that.

Sanlorenzo SL86 – Sanlorenzo Spa

Finally, there’s the Sanlorenzo SL86 by Sanlorenzo Spa. This yacht is perfect if you’re looking for something exceptional; it boasts modern design elements like a lower deck lounge area with a fireplace and an upper deck terrace with a Jacuzzi pool! With enough room to sleep up to ten guests comfortably over four cabins, this yacht is sure to make your summer one you won’t soon forget!

Essentials When Buying a Yacht

Investing in a luxury yacht is worth considering this summer season if you’re looking for something special to make your time on the water unforgettable. Whether it be speed or comfort that catches your eye, there is undoubtedly something available here that will meet your needs no matter what kind of journey you have in mind! However, buying a yacht can cost you a lot of money; if it’s your first time buying a yacht, you must prepare for it. Here are some essentials when buying a yacht.


The first thing you’ll need is dry storage. There’s a good chance you won’t be using your yacht every day of every year, so you need to store them properly. There are many experienced boat storage services out there who can do this for you. These services can keep your boat safe and in top condition when you’re not using it.

Find Financing Options

Once you’ve decided on a type of yacht, it’s time to consider financing options. There are several ways you can pay for your yacht, including cash or bank loans, but each option has its pros and cons that must be carefully considered before making any decisions. It’s best to obtain financing information from multiple lenders to get the most competitive interest rate available. Additionally, check with your tax advisor regarding any potential tax advantages when investing in a yacht.


Yachts require regular maintenance to stay in top condition – both mechanically and aesthetically. This includes cleaning the hull and decks regularly, changing oil filters every year (or more often if recommended), inspecting steering systems annually, checking bilge pumps regularly, etc. You’ll also want to check out the condition of sails (if applicable), rigging lines, and other components before purchasing, too – this way, you know exactly what kind of work you may need after you purchase for the boat to stay safe and sea-worthy at all times!

A yacht can be an excellent way to make the most of your summer and create memories that will last a lifetime. But with so many options available, it’s essential to consider factors before investing in one. Make sure you do your research, check out financing options, and always remember to stay on top of regular maintenance – as this will ensure


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