Sydney Motorway Corporation is governed by a majority independent Board appointed by its shareholders:

  • The Hon. Stuart Ayres MP, Minister for WestConnex
  • The Hon. Dominic Perrottet MP, Treasurer
  • The Hon. Victor Dominello MP, Minister for Finance, Services and Property.

Sydney Motorway Corporation is delivering WestConnex on behalf of Roads and Maritime Services.

Roads and Maritime Services retains an assurance role on behalf of the NSW Government. It is supported by the WestConnex Interdepartmental Steering Committee (WISC) which ensures the project is delivered effectively and on time. 

On 31 August 2018, the NSW Government announced the 51 per cent majority stake in Sydney Motorway Corporation was awarded to Sydney Transport Partners.

WestConnex Interdepartmental Steering Committee

The WestConnex Interdepartmental Steering Committee (WISC) provides governance and support to Roads and Maritime Services. Specifically, it delivers:

  • oversight and assurance that WestConnex is being delivered effectively and in accordance with expectations and timeframes
  • operational support and partnerships for WestConnex through cooperation and alignment of agency activities (for example environmental approvals, public transport priorities, etc.)
  • monitoring and advising on the client-side project budget management, risk allocation and commercial arrangements
  • the channel through which the NSW Cabinet Standing Committee on Infrastructure receives advice about the progress of WestConnex.

NSW Government assurance

Sydney Motorway Corporation’s projects are subject to normal NSW Government reporting processes. These are outlined by the Cabinet Standing Committee on Infrastructure.

Infrastructure NSW provides monthly progress reports to Cabinet as part of its ongoing advisory and assurance role for the NSW Government.

Sydney Motorway Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer meets regularly with shareholders.