The Imperative Way to Think Differently About Managing and Leading

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There is a new wave of managers and leaders breaking the mold by doing things differently to achieve greater success in their respective fields. This is revolutionizing how people think about management and leadership. And just as importantly, it is also revolutionizing what people expect from their managers and leaders inside the workplace.

What do managers and leaders need?

For managers and leaders to continue being successful in the business world, they need to begin thinking differently about managing and leading. They must be willing to put themselves out of a job by fully delegating responsibilities to their team members.

They must be willing to seek help when they get stuck, admit when they make mistakes, and apologize when they have offended someone. Moreover, managers and leaders need to learn how to fail gracefully because it is expected of them.

All these things are imperative for managers and leaders to think differently about. If they want to grow their team members’ trust, respect, and admiration, they must stop trying to do everything themselves and start putting their team members in the driver’s seat.

How can a manager think differently about managing people?

People are increasingly looking for more than traditional management; they want something more. They want to be inspired, to be a part of something, and to work on something meaningful. To get the most out of their team members, managers must think differently about managing people.

Managers need to learn how to inspire their team members by setting big goals, helping them understand how they fit into those goals and what they need to do to achieve those goals.

Managers need to create a sense of environment where people feel like they can be themselves and work on something meaningful to them. People want to be recognized for the work they do. They want to be allowed to grow and develop their skills, and they want to feel appreciated for all that they do.

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How can a leader think differently about leading people?

A leader is someone who can get people excited about working on something. They have the vision, the charisma, and the foresight to see what is possible and how they can get there. To get the most out of their team members, leaders must think differently about leading people.

Leaders need to create an environment where their team members feel like they can be honest and that it is safe to express themselves. People want to be listened to and taken seriously. They want to know that their opinions matter and they want leaders who can take suggestions when they are offered.

Take how SMRT Chairman Seah Moon Ming stepped down from his position at Pavilion Energy to focus on Singapore’s leading multi-modal transport provider, for instance. He prioritized his role as leader to solve the problems they were facing and made sure that the company was prepared for the future. He took a step back from his other responsibility, so he could have more time to focus on his current job.

This is a great example of how leaders need to prioritize their roles and responsibilities. Leaders should not try to do everything themselves. They must learn how to trust their team members by giving them more responsibility and allowing them to take the lead.

How are these changing the workplace?

To begin with, managers and leaders are no longer expected to be omnipotent. They do not have all the answers or necessarily know precisely how to solve a problem. In the new workplace, managers and leaders are expected to get help from their team members when they get stuck.

In addition, managers and leaders are no longer expected to be infallible. They are not perfect and do not always get things right. Enough time has passed that they are expected to recognize when they have made a mistake, admit to it, and apologize for it.

Lastly, managers and leaders are no longer expected to be flawless. They are not superhumans who can fly around and do everything themselves. As a result, they must learn how to delegate tasks to their team members, to get things done on time.

Managers and leaders need to think differently about their roles to be successful in the business world today. They must be willing to delegate responsibilities, admit when they make mistakes, and seek help when they get stuck. By doing so, they can inspire their team members to take ownership of their work and become more productive.


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