How to Clean Your Garage with Minimal Effort

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Most people have a world inside their garage. Apart from parking your car inside, several things go in there. It can be anything from your garden tools to old knickknacks. More often than not, people discover that their garage is in a mess after years. Some blame it on hectic lifestyles, and some neglect this part of their home. You might also face the problem if you have recently shifted from another place.

No matter the reason for its clutter, you have to set a schedule and put it straight. You can separate the things you need and throw out the rest. Moreover, do not hurry and accomplish everything in one day because the accumulation happened over months or years. You have to set one weekend aside. The first day should go in sorting. And for the second, you can choose ways to get rid of objects you do not need.

Take Everything Out and Clean

That is the first thing that you should do. You can only see everything enough if you take the things you don’t need out in broad daylight. After taking everything out, you can analyze the garage space properly. Additionally, you can find various hidden storage spaces as well inside. The mess must have blocked these hidden spaces.

After you have the space accessible for inspection, you can clean the floor. A lot of things also lie on the floor. You should also aim to remove the oil spills, stains, and mud. Some people also take the opportunity to paint the floor. This will enable you to give a new look to the garage before you move in the things again for storage. Get armed with detergents and brushes to remove all the accumulated dirt and debris from the floor, walls, and cabinets. With that said, in this article, you’ll learn four essential tips to clean the garage with ease.

1. Make a List

Now, it is time to sort things into various slots. You might need on an on-call basis repair tools, things weekly, like gardening tools, and others, which you might need once a year. That way, you can take cartons and segregate them accordingly. Many people habit of storing faulty equipment inside the garage for repair. But they rarely get the time to get back to the same. As such, these faulty pieces of equipment lie in the garage and gather rust and dust. You can close your eyes and throw such equipment away if you are amongst them.

However, take extra precautions. Vehicle oils need special handling and disposal. It’s best to research your local laws regarding disposing of chemical waste. You will also have knickknacks related to your automobile. Ensure to keep them separately and in an accessible space. You can need them any moment. And finally, you will be left with rubbish. They will mainly include things that you have been dumping inside.

2. Move the Rubbish

It’s a great idea to rent a dumpster to clean out the mess. Whatever does not make its way to your carton is clutter. Therefore, it is time you get them removed. Once you have set out to accomplish the task of garage cleaning, don’t look back. Take out some old plastic bins from the garage that you have also kept for use in the future, and fill them up. There might be a few in the attic, too. Now, you can throw away the garbage and rubbish bins into the vehicle when it arrives for the cleanout. If you have one coming in weekly, that’s great. But a one-time call can also make your situation better.

3. Organize the Space

After you are sorted and equipped with cartons to store, fix the storage spaces. You can also buy some dollar-store racks and hang them on the walls if you don’t have any. Place your boxes or cartons on them, leaving the floor space vacant for easy movement. You can also fix screws on the walls, hang tools and sports equipment.

That way, when you park your car the next time, you will not be running over things lying on the floor. Keep an organizer sheet, which mentions where you have stored which item. It will help you retrieve it later on without disturbing others.

4. Check for External Hazards

The garage is part of the house that takes the brunt of the elements. So it makes sense to take this opportunity to survey the exteriors as well. The space also gets cooled or heated quite fast as it is outside the main building. Look for mold and mildew, moisture leaks, and cracks on the walls. Seal the cracks with spray foam sealants. You can also survey the electrical wires hanging here and there. Clean the gutters around the area.

Now, you are all set to park your car inside and relax. The long-pending work should be done by now, with all these tips. Maintain the space as you will for your house. This is how you clean the garage with minimal effort.


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